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How to Select the Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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Are you planning to buy a commercial coffee machine for the first time? Read on and discover some of the key attributes that will enable you to narrow down your options.


It is important to select a commercial coffee machine that is very fast so that people don't have to wait for long while a new cycle is brewing. Compare the operating speeds of different machines and select the fastest one. If possible, ask for a demonstration so that you can confirm that the coffee machine operates at the stated speed.


Some manufacturers of commercial coffee machines avail them with a range of accessories, such as milk frothers, coffee grinders and matching spoons. These accessories can make the coffee-taking experience richer for your clients or employees. It is therefore worthwhile to invest the time needed to find a model that comes with several accessories.

Drip Trays

You should also find a commercial coffee machine with drip trays that are easy to remove. Such trays will not cause a mess during the lifting process. It is also worthwhile for you to consider the material from which those drip trays are made. For example, stainless steel drip trays have to be polished regularly in order to maintain their attractive appearance.

Your Preferences

The commercial coffee machines for sale that you look at should also be able to dispense your preferred types of coffee. For instance, ground coffee machines can be used to brew coffee from any ground coffee that is available. This cannot be said for capsule machines that can only be used to prepare coffee from particular capsules that the machine can accept.

Ease of Use

You should never assume that all commercial coffee machines are easy to use. The equipment comes with an array of levers, filters and buttons that may be hard for some people to operate. Trying out a particular model before you buy it will help you to make up your mind about how easy it will be for you to use that particular machine.

It may be hard to find a commercial coffee machine that is suitable for each application. It is therefore wise to have your own list of requirements when you go shopping for this appliance. The features above can help you to develop that checklist so that it will be easier for you to identify the best machine for your needs when you compare the different options that are available on the market.