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Preparing for Appliance Repairs: Key Tips To Remember

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If one of your appliances break down, one of the suitable ways to save money is to repair instead of replacing it. Appliance repairs can potentially save you thousands of dollars, and it's important to be prepared for the repair to be quick and potentially cheaper. Here is how you can prepare for an appliance repair.

Note the symptoms

Some appliance problems can seem straightforward but can cause major problems later on. For instance, if you realise the washing machine is leaking, and you notify the technician in advance about the leak, the technician will quickly diagnose and fix the minor problem before things get out of hand.

It's easy to forget appliance issues when you are on the spot so consider writing the details of any problem you notice. Also, consider answering these questions:

  • What's the appliance doing that isn't part of its usual function?
  • Has anything that relates to the appliance recently changed? For instance, have you exposed it to extreme temperatures or moved it to another location?
  • Is your appliance usable?
  • Does the problem occur each time the machine is used?

Prepare for the technicians

Most repair services are charged on an hourly basis, so any easy way to save money is ensuring that the technician doesn't spend those precious hours working to access the appliance instead of fixing the problem. For example, if the washer contains water, drain it and remove the clothes before the technician arrives. The same should be done for the dryer. Taking care of this beforehand saves time. Also, don't forget to clear the area around your appliance too and move it from the wall so the technician can easily access the back.

Hold on to the warranty information

Your appliance could still be under warranty depending on the model and brand. If that's the case, the parts required for repairs could be covered. Some warrants even cover labour expenses (not all do this) so make sure you confirm what's covered and what isn't.

Know what extra payments to expect

Some appliance repair companies provide low fees, but they'll include additional charges. So, as you evaluate companies, consider asking the following queries so you're prepared with a total estimate:

  • Will you charge more when I book an appointment after the normal work hours?
  • Do you charge more for travel time or mileage?
  • Is there an additional service fee that's added on the repair charges?

A good company will be straightforward and won't charge unexpected expenses.