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Keep Your Commercial Property Safe with These 4 Maintenance Tips for Your Fire Safety Equipment

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You can't dispute the value of a solid fire protection system on your commercial property, regardless of its scope or expanse. Generally, businesses must adhere to their respective jurisdictions' fire safety and inspection protocols. That might involve scheduling annual fire inspections, among others. However, you can perform some maintenance tasks independently to ensure the current fire protection equipment is in excellent working condition. If you're wondering where to start, read on for some simple tips to maintain your company's fire equipment

Maintaining the Sprinklers 

One vital endeavour to ensure proper maintenance of your fire safety equipment is optimizing the sprinklers. You must ensure these devices are updated and up to code. These sprinklers will be pivotal in extinguishing the fire during a fire emergency. Also, clear any blockages and hindrances, including tall furniture, paint coats, etc. Failing to do so can impact their optimal functionality and performance.

Evaluate Your Fire Alarms

Your fire safety equipment, including the fire alarms, are critical in alerting you of potential fire threats on your premises. Therefore, you must assess your alarm systems regularly to ensure their proper function. A simple button press will be enough to test whether the fire alarms are in excellent working condition across the entire building. Furthermore, ensure alarm sensors are dust- and dirt-free. 

Check Your Smoke Detectors

Like fire alarms, smoke detectors are vital anytime there is a fire emergency. You can effectively maintain them by replacing old batteries and ensuring their regular cleaning. Also, avoid applying paint coats on these devices. Ensure that you have at least one fire detector on each floor in a multi-storey building, including basement floors. Furthermore, never install the smoke detectors close to air vents or windows since this might compromise their proper function. 

Maintain Your Fire Extinguishers 

The primary use of fire extinguishers is to halt a fire before it can grow into an inferno, which is a significant safety concern. Most importantly, make sure that every employee receives proper training on using this equipment. You can ensure the proper working condition of your extinguishers by making sure their nozzles are damage-free. Also, determine whether their safety pins are intact and the pressure levels are at the correct levels. 


The last thing you can wish for is fire safety equipment failing amid a fire emergency inside your premises. It'll be prudent to take these maintenance tips seriously to guarantee the safety of your assets and employees working within the building.