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Why Choose Split System Air Conditioning

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When the mercury rises, it's good to have access to air conditioning at the touch of a button to cool things down. Split system air conditioning, also known as duct-free or ductless air conditioning offers cooling when you need it and also heating in some models. These systems connect an indoor evaporator to a condenser unit that is attached to the outside of a building by a tube. This allows for efficient air cooling when it is needed the most and offers a cost effective alternative to many other aid conditioning systems available today. 

There are many advantages to choosing a split system air conditioning unit. These include:

Easy installation -- Split system air conditioning units are generally easier to install than conventional units. You will usually need to have a 3-inch hole made in the wall to accommodate the tube to pass through from the evaporator to the condenser. You will also need space inside and outside of your building to fit the units. Once these issues have been solved, it is simply a case of attaching the units securely to the wall and powering on. This is a project that can usually be achieved in a few hours. 

Versatility -- You could also set the blowers of your split system air conditioning unit in the ceiling or floor. There are also freestanding units available that allow you to take your air conditioning with you from room to room. These often have a remote control for convenience. 

Silent operation -- Many conventional air conditioning units are noisy, and this can be distracting in both the home and the office environment. Split system air conditioning units, on the other hand, offer almost silent operation without compromising on cool air flow. 

Energy efficiency -- Central air conditioning systems have become more and more energy efficient over the years, and the same can be said of split system air conditioning. However, central air systems can lose up to 1/3 of their efficiency as they have to power air flow along the duct work. Split system air conditioning units don't have this problem as they only have to pass air through a tiny tube to produce the same result. 

Don't suffer in the heat when you could invest in a split system air conditioning unit. At the touch of a button you'll have cool air on demand and a versatile alternative to conventional air conditioning.