How to Maintain Commercial Appliances

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Keep Your Commercial Property Safe with These 4 Maintenance Tips for Your Fire Safety Equipment

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You can’t dispute the value of a solid fire protection system on your commercial property, regardless of its scope or expanse. Generally, businesses must adhere to their respective jurisdictions’ fire safety and inspection protocols. That might involve scheduling annual fire inspections, among others. However, you can perform some maintenance tasks independently to ensure the current fire protection equipment is in excellent working condition. If you’re wondering where to start, read on for some simple tips to maintain your company’s fire equipment. Read More»

Preparing for Appliance Repairs: Key Tips To Remember

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If one of your appliances break down, one of the suitable ways to save money is to repair instead of replacing it. Appliance repairs can potentially save you thousands of dollars, and it’s important to be prepared for the repair to be quick and potentially cheaper. Here is how you can prepare for an appliance repair. Note the symptoms Some appliance problems can seem straightforward but can cause major problems later on. Read More»

How to Get to the Bottom of Freezer Issues

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It’s easy to take a household appliance for granted and when one of them breaks down, panic can ensue. Certainly, while some of these units are important, it’s not a matter of life or death if your dishwasher is playing up. However, your freezer is another matter, and without this, food can spoil and mealtimes can be ruined. What can you do to try and fix the problem, if your freezer is refusing to cooperate? Read More»

Sewing Machine Maintenance: Practical Tips for Prolonging the Service Life

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Sewing machines are made using strong and durable materials. However, their design is intricate and delicate. If the appliance is handled poorly or neglected, it will fail prematurely. Therefore, you should be diligent in maintaining your sewing machine for prolonged service and low long-term costs. Here are some practical tips to help you preserve and protect your new or old sewing machine. Choose Quality Thread You should choose the correct thread for your sewing machines. Read More»

How to Select the Best Commercial Coffee Machine

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Are you planning to buy a commercial coffee machine for the first time? Read on and discover some of the key attributes that will enable you to narrow down your options. Speed It is important to select a commercial coffee machine that is very fast so that people don’t have to wait for long while a new cycle is brewing. Compare the operating speeds of different machines and select the fastest one. Read More»

Freezer Room Insulation: Polyurethane vs. Extruded Polystyrene

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When it comes to storage of perishable food items like unprocessed milk, vegetables, and fresh meat for commercial purposes, walk-in freezer rooms fit the bill. All types of freezers come with some sort of insulation as a standard feature. Proper insulation is vital to ensuring that freezers hold cold temperatures and resist heat transfer.  Two types of material that have been extensively used in the insulation of commercial-grade freezer rooms are polyurethane and extruded polystyrene. Read More»

Why Choose Split System Air Conditioning

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When the mercury rises, it’s good to have access to air conditioning at the touch of a button to cool things down. Split system air conditioning, also known as duct-free or ductless air conditioning offers cooling when you need it and also heating in some models. These systems connect an indoor evaporator to a condenser unit that is attached to the outside of a building by a tube. This allows for efficient air cooling when it is needed the most and offers a cost effective alternative to many other aid conditioning systems available today. Read More»

Handy Tips When Introducing a Fire Extinguisher to Your Home

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Investing in a fire extinguisher is one of the easiest safety precautions that you could take for your home. Nonetheless, buying a fire extinguisher is not merely about purchasing the first one you come across and taking it home. There are some things to bear in mind to ensure that your fire extinguisher would be beneficial to you in the event of a fire. Below is a couple of handy tips that you could use when introducing a fire extinguisher to your residence: Read More»